12/7/2018 .    Askew, Providence, RI (w/ Mountainess, Heather Rose in Clover)
10/10/2018   The Grange, Providence, RI (w/ Leiko)
8/3/2018       New Cafe, Pawtucket, RI (w/ Cherry Pit & Fon Fon Ru)
7/24/2018     AS220, Providence, RI (w/ Midnight Opera (TX), Silverteeth, & Germhouse)
6/9/2018      PVDFest, Union Street Stage, Providence, RI
4/27/2018    The Parlor Cafe, Newport, RI (w/ Natur, Balam, Hairspray Queen)
3/30/2018    News Cafe, Pawtucket, RI (w/ Nicole Jean, Alan Scardapane, Sean Murphy)
7/1/2017       Jimmy's Saloon, Newport (w/ Eric and the Nothing & The Sensitive Ferns) 
6/9/2017      Album Release Show @ Aurora, Providence, RI (w/ Kid Mountain, The Quahogs, & Older Brother)
5/28/2017    Cafe Nine, New Haven, CT (w/Olive Tiger & Cat Has Claws)
5/27/2017     Fat Baby, (Lower East Side) New York, NY (w/ Noods & Soccer Cousins)
4/22/2017     Alchemy, Providence (w/ The Viennagram, Rupert Selection, & Volcano Kings)
3/25/2017     News Cafe, Pawtucket (w/Night Nurses, Wildlife, Great Gale)
12/21/2016   Aurora, Providence (w/Ian Fitzgerald & Littleboybigheadonbike)
12/2/2016     Alchemy, Providence (w/ Dead L.A., The Fates, David Begin)
11/25/2016   Parlor, Newport (w/ 1AM, Jillian Kay, Jon Rossi)
11/18/2016   Dusk, Providence (w/Cat Has Claws, The Adjuncts, & Matt DeMello)
11/8/2016     Parlor, Newport (w/ Shonen Knife, Benny Sizzler, & The Dents)
10/7/2016    News Cafe, Pawtucket (w/The Dust Ruffles, Great Gale, & Wood and Leather)
10/1/2016    Jimmy's Saloon, Newport (w/ Cat Has Claws & Wildlife)
7/21/2016    AS220 Pyschic Readings, Providence (w/ Purrrer, The Furies, Westeryear)
7/8/2016      Aurora, Providence (w/ Silverteeth, Pyramid, Icky Woods)
7/2/2016      Jimmy's Saloon, Newport (w/ Leiko, Echo Rider, Drone Dolores)
6/7/2016      Aurora, Providence (w/ T-Rextasy, Nail Polish, Flinstones)
6/4/2016      Green Grocer Anniversary Party (w/ Glass Machines, Warbler Roost)
5/27/2016    Parlor, Newport (w/ Roz & the Rice Cakes, Z Boys)
5/21/2016     Hope Street Block Party (w/ Adjuncts, Joe Farone, Happiness, Last Good Tooth) 
5/6/2016      News Cafe, Pawtucket (w/ Glass Machines, Stupid Robots, David Begin)
4/30/2016    AS220, Providence (w/Paper Waves, OB Howard, & Jillian Kay)
4/9/2016      Jimmy's Saloon, Newport (EP Release show w/ Glass Machines & Echo Rider)
3/10/2016    The Parlour, Providence (w/Tickle Tickle & Glass Machines)
3/4/2016      Viva, Providence (w/ Consuelo's Revenge, Nobody's Boyscout, Back Rhodes) 
1/9/2016      Jimmy's Saloon, Newport (w/ Vudu Sister, Jillian Kay, Allysen Callery)
12/19/2015   Jimmy's Saloon, Newport (w/ Littlefoot & Icky Woods)
12/18/2015   News Cafe, Pawtucket (w/ Leiko, Glass Machines, Mouni)
12/13/2015   News Cafe, Pawtucket (Whale Guitar Show w/ Silverteeth, Dust Ruffles, Icky Woods)
12/12/2015   Parlor, Newport (w/ PWR BTTM, And the Kids, Spike Toppa)
11/14/2015   Parlor, Newport (w/ Townman Charged)
11/6/2015    Jimmy's Saloon, Newport (w/ Andy Lampert Band, Pom Pom)
10/14/2015  AS220, Providence (w/ Eric Barao, Glass Machines, Elora)
10/1/2015    Dusk, Providence ( w/ Andy Lampert Band, John Cabral)
7/24/2015    Hope, Newport (w/ Townman Charged)
7/14/2015    AS220, Providence (w/ The Wishing, Speakeasy, Michael Graham & Lewd Waiters)
6/19/2015   Greenwich Hotel, East Greenwich (w/ Glass Machines)
6/18/2015   The Parlour, Providence (w/ Tickle Tickle & Glass Machines)
5/3/2015     Dusk, Providence Clean Water Benefit Show (w/ Glass Machines)
3/13/2015    Greenwich Hotel, East Greenwich (w/ Glass Machines)